NIKE- AirMcFly

Most sneaker aficionados & self proclaimed kicksologists are in a stir over the highly publicized release of the new Nike Hyperdunk, inspired by the original “Air McFly 2015’s” version. These sneakers were initially featured in the 1989 cult film “Back To The Future II”, and were worn by it’s main protagonist Marty McFly (a.k.a Michael J. Fox). Interestingly enough, a potential Air McFly prototype was considered by Nike as far back as 18 years ago. Having also watched the movie in the theatre with melting Goobers in hand, fellow on lookers “Oooohed!” and “Ahhhhed!” after McFly displayed his sneaks. Call it nostalgia, but we enjoy remembering the originals for simply being the classics that they were. Visit: CNBC for additional details.