If you can’t pronounce the name, take some time and get to know the brand. Aoyama Itchome is created by Paris resident & Japanese designer Hogo Natsuwa. Created in 2001, the label still seems to be relatively unknown to the street fashionista. I happened to come across my first AI piece a few seasons back at one of my favorite shopping grounds. To date, I have happily collected various limited pieces which include Asian inspired silk & woven tunics, as well as killer African patterned scarves. site generator You’ll be happy to know that Aoyama Itchome has opened it’s very own retail boutique in NY, located in Boerun Hill. Happy Shopping!

Aoyama Itchome
296 Atlantic Ave nr
Smith St., Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
(718) 875-1790
Tue—Sun 11am—7pm

Source: Racked

(A look inside)