Graffiti Rock

Originally screened on June 29,1984 on channel WPIX NYC, Graffiti Rock was a hip hop based television program intended to air as an on-going series, but unfortunately only received one pilot episode. It’s creator MICHAEL HOLMAN was the shows host, as well the manager for the New York City Breakers crew who were featured on the episode. Other notable appearances featured the shows DJ Jimmie Jaz, Rappers Kool Moe Dee & Special K of Treacherous Three, performances by Run DMC & Shannon. The graffiti artwork on the set was created by the artist “Brim”. Take a closer look and you’ll also find notable indie actors Vincent Gallo (“Prince Vince”) & Debbie Mazar virtually unknown at the time. For those who missed out on this one time affair (or just weren’t born yet), you’ll be happy to know the footage is available a la DVD, or you can just sneak a peek and watch the heat below.

Opening Credits PART I (feat. KOOL MOE DEE & SPECIAL K)

PART II (feat. RUN D.M.C.)