The first of its kind, this book is a historical account which documents the evolution of Graffiti, tracing lineage from cave paintings, to Parisian wall photography by Brassai, as well as the global phenomenon of Street Art initially popularized in the 1980s. The book also features 160 pages and 120 color illustrations from such pioneering artists that include Futura 2000, Lady Pink, & Shepard Fairy (Obey). Currently available through online U.K. retailers, otherwise you can pre-order through Amazon starting Sept. 17th.

About the Authors
Cedar Lewishon, is a recognized artist and writer based out of London. His recent projects include ‘Old Money’ at the Intermedia Gallery in Glascow. Henry Chalfant provides the Introdution, and is a world-famous American urban photographer recognized for his co-authored account of Style Wars, and documentation for the Style Wars film. A highly recommended addition for your library.