milkshake kicks

It goes without saying that the visibility of sneaker culture has increased dramatically within the last 10 years, and has given birth to numerous company collaborations and brands. With the industry generally being so male driven, ladies often have to size down to men’s styles to achieve their look of choice. domain hosting . Fortunately within more recent years companies have taken notice of women’s interest, and have started to cultivate select sneaker cuts, colors, & material usage.

We’ve had our radar on the newly launched footwear brand Milkshake based out of the NYC. Specifically catered for la femme’s, the ’08 line features 3 distinct styles cheekily entitled ‘Bloom’, ‘Disco Fresh’, & ‘Thought Bubble Collection’ feat. the animated 1930s pop icon, Betty Boop. A fourth line entitled ‘Retro City’ is brewing in the laboratory for Spring ’09. Visit MILKSHAKE to view the entire line & store locations. Stay afloat, as we will keep you in the know.