We shudder to think about Old Man winter creeping up on us so suddenly. After all, there’s nothing worse than being in the cold with that dumpy goose down coat. Thankfully GUCCI will allow you to get through the next few months spot on in a functional array of fashionable digs.

Their A/W ’08 collection showcases three distinct and interchangeable styles featuring Equestrian inspired looks with tailored blazers, coats, and smart looking hats. For the more Bohemian traveler, the look is revamped to satisfy the more urbanized women featuring warm autumn tones of brown, red and purple, complimented by oversized bags, & suede tassel boots. Lastly rebel Rockers will be dipped in fur collar jackets, accentuated by gold chain belts, over the knee high leather boots, and skinny pants. Take a peek at some of our choice picks. Quite smashing, wouldn’t you say?