For those of you who made out with the YSL tote giveaway during yesterday’s mayhem, kudos to you. If you left empty handed, I understand your discontent. It wasn’t an end to all if I didn’t receive a tote, but it would have been a nice souvenir to make out with. Around 1:00pm my partner in crime Zebak and I started walking around midtown seeking potential spots to hit up. We decided to have some fun with the idea and make it into a scavenger hunt seeking the next “clue location”. After all, why not right? We had to have some fun while walking around in the humidity and soon to come torrential rainfall.

Around 1:30pm we headed to the most obvious spot being Bryant Park. With no showings to view, we started looking around for the YSL volunteers. After spotting them, we politely asked if any totes were still available. We received a cold head shake of ‘NO’. I jokingly responded “Wow I guess they went quickly, didn’t they?”.
Once again, a nod of ‘YES’ with a weak fake ass smile. It wouldn’t have hurt
Ms. Blondie to open her mouth with a few words, but I guess pleasantries flew out the window from the get.

As we continued down east of 6 Ave., I thought it couldn’t get any better, when we spotted a few non-fashion oriented/homeless people rockin’ out with the bag.
How completely ironic that was- that made everything all better. I just had to laugh. I guess the idea of discretion was not used by the marketing division at YSL, or picking volunteers to be courteous either. I think Mr. Laurent would have agreed.
Just as well…

At about 2:30pm we headed down to Church Street. I ended up getting my hair done by my stylist and homegirl extraordinaire, Ruth Roche owner of RARE, NYC. As always she hooked me up with an always fresh hairdo. By this time the wind picked up and the rain came. We spent the remaining part of the day listening to music and drinking endless cups of coffee. It was a good end to an almost not so good day.