Berlin is a city not to be missed, with its bustling street life and traffic astonishingly organized by separate lanes for bike riders, walking pedestrians, and cars. Now that’s a thought- if only NY could be like this. Best of all the people are so pleasant it’s a breath of fresh air. There’s always something popping off in this city, like the recent light installation by French street artist JAYBO AKA MONK.
Last week with the help of Skudi Optix high-powered projectors, Jaybo transformed the facade of the city’s largest cathedral Berliner Dom, with a sea of “Disney” inspired cartoon hands. We say that’s pretty fresh, and as high profile as it gets.

Did we mention how massive this building is? It takes almost an hour
(depending on your need to breathe) to reach the top, but the view is magnificent. Visit Circle Culture Gallery for additional Jaybo exhibits and other artists projects.