Nabaztag is the Armenian word for “rabbit”. The “smart object” is a WI-FI capable electronic device in the form of a rabbit created by designers Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével in 2006, and manufactured by Violet. Nabaztag is completely customizable and programmable. The device is able to connect to the internet, send and receive MP3 formats, provide email alerts, RSS Feeds, a social network community, as well as read text messages in 16 different languages. Who would have ever thought this little gadget would be the next big tech must have.
So much so, that Visit Pret A Porter Paris a leader among the fashion world has taken notice.
They have teamed up with Violet to dress the robo-rabbit in designer outfits by 60 creative types. After a promotional world tour, the bunnies will be auctioned off for charity. We say, we’re oddly intrigues and want one. Visit Nabaztag for detailers and a retailer near you.