Purple has been forecasted as the new “it” color for the season, and YAHOO has been smart enough to pick up on this trend by launching their Go! Purple campaign. A viral buzz started during the summer months, when the grassroots mission dropped its first logo online. The concept of the project aims to highlight industry people, trends, fashion, and companies that exemplify unique creativity and innovation.

The search engine company has collaborated with select lifestyle brands, and will include limited edition t-shirts by Toki Doki deisgner Simon Legno, purple suede sneakers by Pony, and three different Mimobot Flash Drives designed by Mimoco . All the items seem to be well thought out, and best of all the price point is reasonable without being over the top outrageous. We say, admit it Yahoo, there’s no harm in a little shameless self profit and promotion. Did we mention that Mimobot Drive is looking pretty ill? Go get yourself one at Start Wearing Purple for merchandise available.