Excuse the ramblings of our banter, as we are feeling a bit nostalgic at the moment. Once again we started to question music’s past, present, and sometimes seemingly bleak future. We always say “music is life”, and without it most of us would exist in a world without sound. Most people would agree that music is essential for one’s physical and mental wellness, by providing a sense of calm and ease, an outlet for aggression, or heightened inspiration.

Music is that technicolor coat we all wear, allowing us to “dream in color” completely awake. Without it we would surely exist in a blurred and colorless world, walking around with glazed eyes and a beat less swagger. So it got us thinking about what music moves us, and then we came upon the Propellerheads “History Repeating” video featuring the Grand Dame herself, Shirley Bassey.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since this dropped. Lady Bassey is an a true pioneer and has been in the game for over 40 plus year, with a voice that blow most singers out the box. With all the contemporary artists that swear their sh$t don’t stink… bow down your head, it’s time to learn some foundation. Some funked up big beat with a dash of bombastic jazz, a sprinkle of beat making, topped off with a splash of Bboy-ism. Enjoy the show!