Craig Stecyk

The announcement of this Blazer was announced a while back, but we have decided to add some additional information.Craig Stecyk is one of the founders of the art magazine Juxtapoz , and perceived by many in the skateboard community to be the Godfather of the sport. He gained much notoriety in the early 1970’s for his artwork and involvement within the surf community, and later the founder of the infamous Jeff Ho/Zephyr surf shop in Venice, California. Nike SB pays homage to the legend by releasing the Stecyk Premium Blazer. The upper consists of orange nubuck suede, with custom Stecyk art on the heel and insole, and a cream colored sole.

NOTE:To correct the dissemination of misinformation via online, the Stecyk Premium Blazer is not to be confused with the Lance Mountain Blazer, which is due to be released as a seperate sneaker on a later date. Stay with us and be in the know. The Stecyk should be dropping at the Sauce this mid October.
More after the drop.

Image Source: Crooked Tongues