The influence of Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion world is undeniable. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always marveled at his genious designs, gracing the pages of couture magazines and the runways. One can only imagine being able to sit front row one at one of his shows. I think any man or women could only dream- wishful thinking perhaps. Let alone the man himself is always impeccably dressed. One must admit those high collared shirts and tailored suits he wears are icon and unmatched. He is the quintessence of grace, with age bearing no limit to style.

I digressed from my original trail of thought. I was apparently daydreaming visions of Chanel and Fendi grandeur and over indulgence. My apologies…
His latest Chanel’s Spring 2009 Cruise collection includes the much talked about “Gun Shoe” designed by Lawrence Decade, which have already started hitting Chanel boutiques worldwide. These pistol inspired stiletto’s are available in black, white, and metallic silver, and will retail for $2200 US. It’s definitely safe to say that these aren’t for the timid gal. What are your thoughts?
Fashion wow or Faux-pax?

Lady Loch Ness