We’re not in the habit of discussing politics, nor the current state of the economy here on the Rx site. We usually like to save those heated debates with good friends, dinners with family, and social rejects we encounter on the regular. It’s also probably presumptuous for us to say so soon, but the idea of acceptance, progress, and change is already starting to take effect. Who would have ever thought this would happen?…but we’re down with this cause.

It seems that the 162 year old Smithsonian Institution has taken quite the liking to graphic media artist Shepard Fairey, and his oversized centerpiece work used during the “Manifest Hope” Obama art show during this year’s DNC. Smithsonian is currently in the process of raising the $75,000 price tag with the support of donations. The art work would be the first fine art rendering of the future president added to the National Portrait Gallery. We say, 75K ain’t nothing. Art that touches all cultures with a message is priceless. For a more in depth look into the mind of Fairey, visit the good folks over at Super Touch