This seems to be the year of the iconic pop-up shop. Within the past couple of months we’ve seen brands like Target open with their “Bullseye Bodega”, to the overly hyped Colette x Gap collaboration launch in its flagship store on Fifth Avenue. We intentionally didn’t report on these events for a few simple reasons. One, every other lifestyle site would be doing it, and two, looking back on the mayhem were the products really that stellar? We say, not really.

Then there comes the contemporary Hip Hop and Neoclassical artistry of Kehinde Wiley. Inspired by the classical masters, he is known for his signature usage of detailed floral motif backgrounds, juxtaposed with the use of ultramodern context in an old world European style setting. For one of his latest projects, he has teamed up with designer Dapo Jamiu-Soyoye to produce a series of puffy down style coats, which will be sold in a pop up store in New York between this December ’08 or January ’09. This may be to overwhelming and a little flashy for some, but this is one pop up we’re looking forward to. Peep the latest images that have surfaced. Stay with us and be in the know as we will report back after the color persuasion.

In case you didn’t get enough of this read, his latest collection entitled “Fallen” are massive 25 foot oil paintings, and are curretly on display downtown in NYC’s Deitch Projects.