We love receiving news like this…Better yet, we love to spread the good word to our readers.

Hopefully your holiday stocking stuffer was filled with goodness, and not just another pair of socks you’ve already been given. If that is the case, take your chances and enter yourself into Nylon’s freebie takeover. They are the continuing the spirit of gift giving by adding a little razzle and style to your step. After all, who doesn’t like awesome free stuff…right? We thought it would be fitting to share this with our readers who feel a little let down by the holidays, and also to those who got everything they wanted, but just want to indulge in some more. Here are the details. GOOD LUCK!


A one-year subscription to JuiceCaster along with a red Blackberry Pearl pre-loaded with the program. Email your name, address, and New Year’s resolution to freebiefriday@gmail.com. Then post a “thank you” comment on the Nylon MySpace page.


A collaboration between Stolkholm based clothing label Skyward and footwear company Gram Design. These shoes are UNISEX and won’t be dropping in stores until 2009, but you can get a pair before the new year. Email your name, address, and European shoe size to freebiefriday@gmail.com.

Book of Shadows & Stoned Poison Ring

Nylon is giving away Book of Shadows (SOLD OUT), as well as a Stoned Poison Ring and a limited edition lipstick case to two of its readers. Just email freebiefriday@gmail.com.