I have such fond memories of all things Sanrio, especially the character Hello Kitty. There was always something memorable about having a trinket, and adding it in my keepsake box.

Even now, I still find myself fixated on purchasing a Ms. Kitty item. Don’t you?…its hard to resist the temptation. When I was in grade school, my mother used to come home with something from the store every Friday after work. That was a time when you could buy Sanrio items for as little as fifty cents to five dollars. My thing was always the little mini sticker books and pens. I used to collect those damn things like crazy. I still have them to this day.

Now in my adulthood I still crave some HK, so the latest collaboration between Hello Kitty and MAC to produce a line of cosmetics and accessories fits that hunger just right. Many of you probably already heard about this venture back in November, so we won’t bother to give you the boring details which everyone else has covered. We will say the stampede to purchase these limited items which includes a range of makeup, jewelry, and accessories from the Hello Kitty Colour and the Hello Kitty Kouture collection’s will be gone in the blink of an eye.

They will become available starting in North Amercia on February 10, 2009 on the MAC website, and in MAC US stores on February 12, 2009. Don’t sleep- make sure you sign up on the MAC email list to be in the know.