Back in October Zebak and I made a visit to the Foundation showroom to view the Spring 2009 line for Hellz Bellz. You’ll be delighted to know that this collection is eyeful of smashing delights. I would probably have to say this is one of the strongest collections that creator/designer Lanie Alabanza has put out to date! You’ll be tickled to know that yours truly has placed a considerable order for the ladies eager to rock these threads. They will become available at Special Sauce. Stay tuned…come see me and say hello! I have been wanting to bring our female readers the news but of course had to hold back…until now.

I got a news update in my email from BKRW. They have just reported that Hellz will be showing their Spring/Summer ’09 line for the first time in Paris during fashion week at the “Who’s Next” Tradeshow. If you do happen to be in this part of town you can visit Hellz between 1/29-2/1, by putting in an email request with Jino (jino@hellz-bellz.com).

What really caught my eye were some of the images from the new upcoming line, primarily the “Coco x Hellz” tshirt. The design is an obvious tribute to the iconic Coco Chanel. It is safe to say that this will be one of the lines major draw and features. I predict it will become one of the collections best sellers as well. Black gloves dripping in pearls…what more could a girl ask for? Take a peak at the image below for some additional styles that will become available within the next few months (just hold a magnifying glass up to your monitor)-ha!ha! Don’t worry we’ll be dropping more niceness faster than you can say, “Spring is almost here”…In the meantime, stay thrifty & eternally savvy.