Playing a bit of catch up on our news and projects…

One of the latest PR events that Rawthentix/R.A.W. Creative Group was a part of, took place on February 26th at the renownd Drive In photography studio. The evenings focus featured the latest battery generator technology available to photographers called PRO-8 Air.

We won’t even begin nor attempt to explain the complexity of this digital techo-babble, except to say the precision and lightening speed capabilities to freeze frame our dancers was out of this world. We teamed up with the good folks over at Drive-In to a provide a portion of the evenings entertainment festivities, which included food, drink and a female boxing match exhibition we’re still scratching our heads trying to figure out. Nothing like witnessing two women throw down and slug it out. Thanks to all our F.A.M. who held it down- Wonder, Zero, Bam La Roc, Super Freeze, Dredel, Leo, Scuba, Static and B-Girl Smiles (Ney, Ney). Additional props to Resource Magazine for the press coverage on their blog.

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Photos by Elizabeth Sagarin