Okay I realize that yours truly has been a little behind in rocking out the posts. I’ve been trying to multi-task about 5 different things at once, including building the womens line at Special Sauce, and getting my hustle on with PR projects I got simmering in the kitchen. I need a clone of myself that I can give daily tasks to.

In the midst of all my confusion I realized that I didn’t have the chance to drop the Spring 2009 collection from Hellz Bellz. I know, I know- I’m seriously about two weeks late on this new, but so be it. If I can redeem myself to you all (and in my defense) I did drop the good word with a SNEAK PEAK back in January. Ha! ha! so there…How you like them apples!

Anyhow on with the show….

The newest release to drop from Hellz is rightfully entitled “Culture Clash”. Known for her edgy style, designer Lanie Alabanza once again brings a true punch of diversity with a bitch slap full of color! The Spring ’09 collection will start with Delivery I to select retailers, which of course will include Sauce (Don’t worry, I got you ladies!).

The line features a fusion of versatile cut and sew pieces including a zebra mesh jacket w/ contrast red lining (which I previously previewed), brushed french terry hoodie, the anticipated acid wash denim jacket with iconic broken bottle embroidered artwork on the back, as well as a variety of new graphic tees (my favorite being the Coco x Hellz), tank top and multi-colored leggings. What do you think? Let us know. In the meantime peep the delicious-ne$$. Visit Hellz to view the full collection. Be sure to take a peak at some tasty bits below.

Lady Loch Ne$$ 🙂