(Alchemia held it down with signature drinks for over 3 hours).

Things have been so hectic for the last 2 months. Blame it on the fact that there aren’t enough damn hours in a day to get everything done. Multiply that by all the different postulates and theorems that have been stewing in our brains, and square that by the erratic weather that we have had so far to call this a wretched summer, leading the RAW collective to develop a cocktail blend of not so friendly flu like symptoms! Yeah… I guess you could say we’ve been a little stressed and feeling a bit lethargic, but as they say, “Time stops for no man”…

So we finally presented the Special Sauce opening party for the new Flagship Store in Huntington Village this past May 21st. It absolutely exceeded everyone’s expectations. The RAW Creative Group spent over 3 months of planning this party for Sauce, handling all the behind the scenes activities, dealing with the 17 brands and sponsors, music/artist line up, as well as stuffing over 150 gift bags for guests. After about doing 25 of these things, we got restless sitting on the chair, then the floor and back again….we were seriously done! It all worked out for the best though, as the In-Store Mixer and a separate After-party that followed at the Artful Dodger Lounge went on all night long.

(About an hour & a half into the In-Store Mixer…
this is how most people looked)

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