A little bit late on this news, but just as equally important to disseminate. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the talented writer and graffiti artist Indie184, be on the look out for her to educate the masses with a little bit of needed science. Filled with endless creative vision and an undeniable street savvy hustle, this New York native hailing from Washing Heights has been buring the street art circuit since 2001. We officially first met Indie this past winter in March and were pleasantly surprised by her humble demeanor, as well as her active art contributions within the subculture community.

Added to her already busy schedule, will be her latest lab concoction called Kweenz Destroy to the launch this Summer ’09. With already a keen eye for color and aesthetic, Indie will introduce her first capsule collection of t-shirts for the ladies. We are excited about the anticipation of this release, as one of the graphics will include a design created especially for KD by the highly popular French artist Fafi. The collection will become available soley on Kweenz Destroy in limited quantities.

We say, it’s high time for a resurrection of true street art and ladies gear. Stay with us as we will bring you more information after the destruction!