ne dans la rue

Established in 1984, the Fondation Cartier in Paris will be presenting its new exhibition entitled
“Ne dans la rue” – Born in the streets, begining on July 7th running until November 29th.
The exhibit will be featured in two parts. The first part will feature photographs, films, sketches,
and commisioned work by three graffiti pioneers, Phase 2, Part 1 and Seen. It will explore the the NYC graffiti and street art in the 1970s and how it has made an impact into the contemporary art community and cultural mainstream today. The show’s second half focuses on todays movement, future, as well as new works created on premise by artists from around the world. Guests attending will also have the opportunity to obtain a 250-page catalogue keepsake of Born in the Streets Graffiti.

Featured artists include:
Basco Vazko, JonOne, Olivier Kosta-Théphaine, Barry Mc Gee, Nug, Part 1, Evan Roth, Boris Tellegen/Delta, Seen, Vitché, Gérard Zlotykamien, L’Association Le MUR, Cripta, Coco 144, Quik, Koor, Toxic, Alan Ket, Charlie Ahearn, Manfred Kerchheimer, Maripol, Paris Joao & Roberto Wainer