Apple Touchbook1

We were pretty amazed when Apple launched the iPhone back in 2007. They always seem to have a knack for releasing new technology that you can’t seem to live without (or so you think). You ultimately end up turning into an obsessed tech geek fixated on always needing to check your hand held device. Well it seems that the technology community is buzzing once again. The rumor mill has it that Apple will be producing a new 9.7 inch touchscreen tablet, set to debut starting this holiday 2009/10 shopping season, and will retail for the mere price of $800. According to the Mandarin newspaper The China Times (with a rought English translation), they have apparently sourced rumors from several of Apple’s supply chain partners, including: Dynapack, Foxconn, and Wintek who have all received orders from Apple. Fact or fiction- you be the judge, its keeping us intrigued.