Its been 10 long years since the artist known as Rakim released a full length album. His previous one being the 17 track lyrically infused “The Master”. Recognized through out the hip hop community as being one of the most prolific MCs, his poetic flow is unparralleled in our opinion. We were were beyond ecstatic to get the word that he is finalizing his third studio solo album entitled “The Seventh Seal”.

Set to release on his own G&E Trust label, the Long Island (Wyndanch) native recently dropped the first single entitled “Holy You Are” originally recorded by the 1960s psychedelic group The Electric Prunes. After taking a listen it is obvious that Rakim has not lost his lexicon ability and execution of prose. We’ll wait until we hear the entire album to make a final decision. Stay in the know.

For a listen click HERE.