Solar Eclipse

Yeah, its not always about the glitz and kicks. Sometimes we like to take a detour. We drop our thoughts and interests via our version of daily bread. This natural event makes you realize how small we are, and how awesome our universe is- at least we think so…

This coming Wednesday an epic solar display is set to take place in select regions of India and China.
It will be recorded as being the longest solar eclipse of our lifetime at a mere 17 minutes, with the next occurence taking place on June 13, 2132. Its safe to say that none of us will be around for this one.
We’ll either be doomed with the 2012 prophecy, or otherwise if you plan on cryogenically suspending yourself (think Vanilla Sky). For superstitious believers, this rare phenomenon is seen as as a fight between evil over good, or otherwise an omen over ones fortune. To get your cerebral juices flowing peep this good read here.