I periodically go on verbal rants- this is one of those times…There is a female warrior in all of us, or at least should be. I think many of todays women could take a few pointers from historical icons or those in folklore- like the great women of the Amazon who lived their lives taking a no bullsh!t approach toward everything they encountered. Otherwise if the prophecies of 2012 provide us with a new beginning or a post apocolyptic end, I’d gladly role in the trenches and do my duty wearing the latest Hellz Bellz Fall ’09 collection.

Soaked in a bevvy of navy, red, elephant grey and black, the latest capsule features an array of new cut and sew designs that include my favorite personal styles and accessories- the Aztec inspired dress, leggings, new hoodies and playful scarf additions. Designer Lani Alabanza throws down her latest creations filled with a tasty selection to satisy any womens appetite- yum! Keep a look out as the collection will be come available at various boutiques which will include my personel favorite (of course) Special Sauce. Peep the heat!