Lady Gaga

We really haven’t paid much attention to the buzz that has surrounded Lady GaGa since she splashed onto the pop music circuit within this past year. Whether the rumors circulating are true about her hermaphrodite nature or just an amazingly crafted publicity stunt (kudos if that is the case), it has yet to be confirmed or denied. It really wouldn’t make a difference to us either way.

Her latest epic video for the single “Paparazzi” is the fourth single off her first album “The Fame, and did catch our attention this time around. We’re still trying to figure whether we like it or not. There are endless image references with GaGa clad in a “cyborg” like Thierry Mugler creation, originally used in the 1992 “Too Funky” video by George Michael. The back up male dancers sequene showcase a reminicent feel of Madonna’s “Vogue” video as well.

Put together as an 8 minute short film, it is electronic and synth infused, telling the story of a rising starlets quest for fame and romance while under the scrutiny of the media. Dark in humor, the video held our attention with a variety of additional costume changes that were one part couture and two parts theatrics. Take note of the ode to ‘Ms. Minnie Mouse herself. Do you think she would approve?