There have been an endless amount of factors due to the lack luster appeal amongst the fashion masses on a worldwide scale. It could possibly be because the creative think pool is dry, or we can blame it on the global economic crisis that has hindered us all from spending that extra guap.

As a result American Vogue has joined forces with NYC & Company, the City of New York, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America to present a one night shopping event to kick start the first day of Fashion Week.

In a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion, U.S. and international editions of Vogue are coordinating evening extravaganzas in their respective world fashion capitals with a little extra viral help from this PSA. Retailers will unite for a single evening in New York City and thirteen other fashion capitals around the world by creating engaging and entertaining incentives to inspire consumers and invigorate the economy and local industry.

For information and to support this celebration visit the Fashion’s Night Out website. Full details after the blast off.