Darrin Umboh for Adidas1- Rawthentix

We can’t stress enough, the massive talent that have been shaking things up within the Netherland street art community. We surely have been taking notice thanks to the good people over at the
Shop Around collective.

The agency teams up once again with one of their staple artists Darrin Umboh (fast becoming a favorite of ours), who produced a one of a kind painting on this leather couch for the Adidas Originals shop in the Dutch city of Hilversum. The commision is based upon the saying “Everything was much better in the past” . This statement carries the underlying theme and dominance of Adidas within history, street culture around the globe, and the re-releasing of classic models. Now, if we can only cozy up in one of these for ourselves.

Umboh has been on a tear as of late, creating all inspiring productions. Keep your eyes peeled for his next round of installations sure to come. In the meamtime peep a few images and the video of the making of this piece. Many thanks to E.B. for the newsworthy drop!.