INSA- Miami Preview

This arrived in our inbox yesterday. London based artist INSA drops a small teaser of his two new candylicious styles called the Stand Alone and the Miami he will be styling all you vamps in later this fall. Are you lusting?

UPDATE (9/23)
Finally the tease is over. INSA finally drops his new footwear creations. We would have posted yesterday, but have been so caught up with running around. What else is new. For his second capsule release he teamed up once again with London based shoe designer Ruth Shaw to create three new styles: my favorite, which is the Miami color pop infused platform style stiletto. The second is the Stand Alone, with signature INSA graphics and a cheeky miniature chrome heel at the tip of the main heel. Lastly is the leather and suede style bootie called the “Throwette”. The good news is that the demand is high for these beauties. The bad news is the pre-orders have already sold out.