Originally published in 1973 The Faith Of Graffiti marks a pivotal point in the world of street art and graffiti. Photographer Jon Naar helped to contribute and captured this moment with his keen eye and lens, while Norman Mailer wrote a text that is perhaps more relevant today than ever before. For those that do not know, this book has been out-of-print making it a rare find, but thankfully is now being re-released in an expanded edition with new cropping and additional photos. Wooster Collective worked with Jon Naar to create an exclusive print in a numbered edition of 300, and includes both the signed print and a signed book. To purchase this $75 treasure visit here.

Redbird In The Bronx
Limited Edition Print of 300
8 1/2″ by 11″
Archival paper
Signed and Numbered by Jon Naar – 2010

Faith of Graffiti
Words by Norman Mailer
Photos by Jon Naar
128 pages

$75 USD
Shipping US: $12 USD
Shipping EUR $25 USD