A little left of center from our normal suggested events, but just as interesting. Whether we choose to acknowledge the countless amount of conspiracies that we hear or not, they continue to surface. We’ve been David Icke enthusiasts for quite a number of years. He’ll be shedding some light this coming October 17 at the Nokia Theatre in NYC. Interested yet? For more information take a read after the flip or visit here to purchase tickets.

Once the most ridiculed man in Britain, conspiracy researcher, alternative historian, author and public speaker David Icke has predicted for so many years and with such stunning accuracy, the Orwellian state currently unfolding around the world at an unprecedented rate, that many people are not laughing so hard any more.
Subject of the UK documentary “David Icke – Was He Right?” (which shows how Icke predicted 911, and the ensuing wars), and with audiences of ever-increasing sizes around the world, David Icke has become a semi-legitimate figure on an international level.
His information-packed eight hour presentation (10 hours including breaks) will cover topics such as the system of control employed against us by our leaders, 911, the loss of our civil rights, secret societies, the true role of the mainstream media, the global banking conspiracy, the nature of humanity and the stupidity of racism, the holographic nature of our reality and intriguing information on how humanity can break the chains of control – that echoes the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.
For people familiar with Icke’s work to date, there will be some brand new information – according to Icke himself, these will be perhaps some of his most seemingly bizzare claims yet – involving aliens and the moon.

Icke is the most high profile speaker in his field. If you are looking for a crash-course on the global conspiracies of the day – you won’t find anyone better.