Back in December Karl Lagerfeld launched his 8th edition of the Paris-Shanghai line for Chanel. Written and directed by Lagerfeld, the Paris Shanghai, A Fantasy film, dare we say it was a tad bit lengthy and dull to watch. That aside, the short film was a prelude to the runway show which tells the story of Coco Chanel’s dreams of travels to the Orient. The Chanel Shanghai collection will debut this May at Chanel’s five mainland boutiques to celebrate the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai. The new accessory line is exceptionally crafted featuring sequined versions of the 2.55 bag in red and jade shades, “Take Out” style box and a high polished Asian tassle doll purse. Jewelry pieces include three distinct bangles, drop necklace and pint sized Asian doll versions for earrings. Be prepared as these items are sure to be collectibles and are very limited. Simply love them all.