Following up to our Limelight spotlight back in March, last night we attended the official grand opening of the newly blessed Limelight Marketplace. With spirits flowing and the air filled with chatter, hundreds of invited guests and media embarked on the newly revamped space which will house 60 kiosk like shops. Vendors include Le Sportsac, Hunter boots, luxury chocolatier Mariebelle (we sampled their hot cocoa and caramel toffee- sinfully delicious) and Zakka one of our personal favorites, a vinyl toy and collectibles shop located on the second level with the best view of the entire space. With all its beauty the Limelight space still maintains its quirky maze like appeal as well as the original church stained glass currently still in the process of being restored. The market environment is very inviting but also makes us raise the question, “Do all the stores have enough pull to keep visitors and shoppers interested?” After all the hype only time will truly tell. The Limelight venue will always be marked by unforgettable moments in time- its time to make a few new good memories. A big thanks to KC for an amazing night out!