Its been three years since The Chemical Brothers dropped their last album. The last one being We Are The Night. They make a return with their seventh album entitled Further set to release this June 7th off of Freestyle Dust/Astralwerks in the U.S., and June 17th in the UK via Freestyle Dust/Parlophone. This will be the first time that the duo will not feature collaboration vocals on any of the eight new tracks. Directed by Flat Nose George, the single “Swoon” features classic electronic fueled beats with a side of good summertime vibes. We’re diggin’ it. Take a look and listen.

1. “Snow”
2. “Escape Velocity”
3. “Another World”
4. “Dissolve”
5. “Horse Power”
6. “Swoon”
7. “K+D+B”
8. “Wonders of the Deep”