Interview: Zebak | Forward & Production: Ness

With the warm months nearly approaching, we’ve been on a search to find savvy threads to spruce up your existing wardrobe. Ladies get ready, ’cause we’ve got just what you’re looking for. With a keen eye for structure and a passion for blending cultural aesthetics, designer Hushi Mortezaie creates luxurious yet very wearable T-Shirts for his new line Trash & Luxury. Inspired by the raw edge of the NYC scene and bright lights of Hollywood elegance, Trash & Luxury is a perfect dichotomy, blending his distinct style of streetwear within the woman’s contemporary fashion market today. Originally born in Iran and now based in L.A., Mortezaie made his mark over a decade ago working as a buyer for designer and stylist Patricia Field, as well as building his own line Michael & Hushi.

Trash & Luxury keeps you feeling easy and breezy this summer with their new ’90s high glamour inspired collection featuring four distinct themes- Black & White (classic yet highly graphic quality of black and white juxtaposed with pops of color, nods back to the hey day of the supermodel), Nautical Voyage (mademoiselle’s spring early summer months voyage to St. Tropez with the classic colors of navy, gold, and hints of red-they can be seen as a celebration of the French flag or American flag), Neon & Brights (a flash of hot color featuring luscious summer fruit, glossy lipstick and perfume bottles brings in the feel of the tropics) and lastly the Pastels (another strong trend for the spring/summer months are the pastels and greys featured on high-low tanks and dolman shirts). So go ahead and indulge a little bit. If that wasn’t enough for you, we also drop a short interview with the designer himself Hushi Mortezaie. Get the full exclusive Q&A, video and lookbook after the click. Enjoy!

RAW: We love that the Trash & Luxury brand provides a fresh new sense of casual luxury for todays woman. As we take a deeper look, we pick up on four major female identities- The City Beauty (B/W), Seasonal Traveler (Nautical), The Artist (Neon Bright) and Classic Madame (Pastels). Can you tell us a little more about your theme collection? What was the initial inspiration and spark?

HM: Artists and Designers have to be more creative in times of economic downturn and to be able to give the customer something desirable but at a great price. I wanted to play with different themes in this collection to capture different facets of a woman. The aforementioned can be four different women or it can be one woman who has all of these sides to her as well. When selecting the themes, I like to focus on the colors I will use and that typically builds out each identity and sub-theme. Of course classic white but touches of navy, gold, and red for a st.tropez resort feel alongside pops of pink for spring, washes of neon for high summer, and then for fall a deluge of heather and marl greys for the smarty pants and khaki greens for the military femme fatale punctuated by golds, scarletts, royals, and of course…black in it’s pure form.

RAW: The Summer ’10 collection displays a fierce sense of independence that exists within the designs. Do you attribute that to your heritage?

HM: Yes, I definitely use the opposing facets of pop culture and my surroundings as the base for my artistic medium, fashion. The tapestries of ancient Iranian miniatures, combined with the neon lights of the Vegas strip, the suburban pop of California malls, the celebrity/youth obssessed Hollywood, and the art-house posturings of Manhattan culminate into each piece I make. I left Iran at the age of three with my family to escape a corrupt government, settling in the bohemian suburbs of Marin County, California. Growing up in the revolutionary bookstores of Berkeley and the pretentiously artsy boutiques of San Francisco, I always drew inspiration from my culture and the unrelenting grace and glamour of the women both in my reality and those in my dreams.

RAW: For the Neon Brights series, what was the fascination for using the iconic American actress Julie Numar as your muse? We have to also admit, she’s perrrect!

HM: Julie is an American icon and the epitome of classic Hollywood glamour. It was an honor to work with her and I am thrilled to have her involved with Trash & Luxury. Her face is a work of art and I drew inspiration from all that she represents. I am truly fascinated by her poise, and statuesque presence.

RAW: Within the last few years the streetwear industry has become saturated with emerging new brands. How does Trash & Luxury set itself a part from the masses and maintain its unique fashion and authenticity?

HM: The trash and luxury woman is definitely in touch with her own feminine glamour but uses it as a source of empowerment. She stands above the pack and always dares to grow, reinvent, and of course to strike a pose. She can be a young teen who reads and dreams about the magic of glamour days gone by up to a more mature fashion maven who keeps au courant(up to date) without ever looking like she’s trying too hard..fussy finished. She either works in the world of fashion and the arts or is absolutely inspired by both. This is what sets Trash & Luxury apart – the sheer versatility of the brand and the ability for it to speak to a range of women.