Coming to a close on June 5th, renowned European graffiti artists Above and Blek Le Rat were featured in the progressive White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Each artist bringing their unique street sensibility into the gallery which made for a mixed bag of great visual candy. Blek Let Rat and Above are quite different when considering their street styles. Blek Le Rat pioneering stencil based graff in the early 1980’s continues to influence stencil artist today. Above taking a more unconventional approach to the street scene by suspending his wooden arrows from power-lines in cities throughout the world, specifically getting ups in over 60 cities in 45 countries.

“Faces in the Mirror” showcased classic Blek Le Rat imagery and styles from his well known rats to a Warhol esque montage of the Mona Lisa clutching a spray can. The exhibition showcases the immense capability, style and techniques of this veteran street artist we have come to know as Blek Le Rat. “Transitions” by Above is all about a younger era of stencil street artists. Known for his iconic arrows and innovation within the sub culture scene, he utilizes a simple geometric shape [the arrow] and combines verbs or adjectives such as SEXX or HOTT to convey a social message in the urban context. Within in the gallery scene, Above still uses the very successful, uninhibited style that you would find in your nearest city.

If you are in the Bay Area be sure to visit this excellent mix-tape exhibition:

White Walls Gallery
835 Larkin St.
San Francisco California