We’ve teamed up with our international collective to lend support for this not to be missed festival set to go down June 19th at Siegparkplatz Betzdorf – Eintritt Frei. Join them as they present some of the most talented writers, Mcs and DJs. Take a look at the full line up. This is one not to be missed. Visit here for complete details. A full report to follow.

Can2, Hombre, Kent, Cren, Bums, Sermon, Patch, Jemo, Twik, Shad, Plaque, Pesk, Keos, Boogie, Semor, Maas
and Strino1.

Aristo, PacsOnWax, Sanjoc and Fallik

MCs to hit the stage @ 7pm:
Abso Milano (WWC), Jephza (WWC), Janisimo & Davido (Altenkirchen)

After-Party to follow @ 10pm at Woodys