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For all you space-cadets out there who are constantly dropping, losing, eating your sunglasses, Knockaround may be just for you. Based out of San Diego, its owner/founder’s Adam “Ace” Moyer’s created the brand in 2005 in his studio. The unique line thrives on affordability coupled with style. This twosome of price and form make for the perfect pair of sunglasses that keep you looking fresh and wont break the bank when you lose em’. Offering three styles in an amplitude of colors, even glow in the dark, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. With Knockaround prices its easy to stock up on as many colors as it takes to match your threads or your mood. You’ll only need to drop about 7 bucks for the Originals frames. Two additional styles are available called the Premium for $14 and the Fort Knox for $25. I was able to reach out to Knockaround and ask Moyer a few brief questions about his business. Take a full read after the flip.

DCVII: What is Knockaround?

ACE: Knockaround is a sunglasses company I started about 5 years ago in my art studio in La Jolla, California. I wanted to offer sunglasses that were classic, affordable, and available in many colors.   

DCVII: Where do you draw Knockaround nfluences from?

ACE: Knockaround is influenced by the San Diego landscape and the imagery in our extensive collection of old books and magazines.  

DCVII:Your colors are pretty sick, are these fun untutored decisions?

ACE: We’ve hired a tutor to help us with all of the color decisions. Most of the new colors we add come directly from an object in the world.

DCVII: Is the laid back San Diego mentality a strong entity of Knockaround?

ACE: San Diego is palm trees, beaches, and abundant sunshine.  It’s the perfect city for sunglasses, and the perfect place to just knock around.

DCVII: What can Rawthentix look foward to from your upcoming summer/fall season?

ACE: We’ll be putting out more colors, more package deals, and more contests and promotions.