Time Square has always been the mecca for both tourist and New Yorkers alike, coming and going- the never ending hussle of chatter and snapshots of skycraper towers and street performers. Now visitors and locals will have one more activity to add to their list- shop, till you drop. The small cult chain Forever 21 has morphed into a mega-tropolis of fashion and flair. Their newest and largest East Coast retail space has taken over what was once the nostalgic Virgin Megastore space. Greeted by sparkling chandeliers and friendly staff the 90,000 square foot space is fitted with a main, lower and upper levels that are available to shop during all hours of the day and early morning up until 2a.m. Now you will never have to worry about not having the right outfit for any last minute reasons. Shoppers can expect to outfit for ladies, mens, children’s apparel and accessories, with each area designated and displaying a specific style- rocker chic, boho style, frills & lace, punk/grunge and nerd prep. Be warned before you walk through the doors as it is a bit overwhelming for the novice shopper. The selection is a sea of colors, patterns and textures, accessory stations in every corner as well as a lower level shoe salon. Be prepared to put at least two hours aside and stay focused- okay now…breathe. Take a look at what’s in store after the flip.