Within the last year Native has emerged onto the scene as one of the most sought after footwear brands. Did we mention that they are eco-friendly as well. They return with their Fall ’10 release featuring the Fitzsimmons boot, perfect for the street and rugged terrain. We’re loving them. Composed of EVA, the material is breathable, washable, as well as antimicrobial and odor free. Available in 10 distinct colors for both men and woman and will retail for $69.99 at select retail outlets worldwide. Take a look at what’s in store.

Over the following year, NATIVE continued to learn about the manufacturing and development processes that eventually shaped the final characteristics of the first shoes. In the end, three styles of revisited classic silhouettes would make up the sample line of the Spring 2010 collection: the Jefferson, the Corrado, the Miller.

By the end of summer 2009, the three silhouettes were ready to be put under their toughest scrutiny yet by inquisitive eyes on the US tradeshow circuit. Buyers, media and industry insiders alike embraced
the collection. NATIVE now had momentum for its Global Spring 2010 launch. Today, NATIVE is an international footwear brand that has only scratched the surface of the design possibilities captured in EVA. As the collection grows the vision always remains: lightweight and iconic footwear for now — and for the future.