Gear up for a fall flattering season courtesy of Hellz. The ever growing woman’s contemporary brand calls out all the stops with their newest collection entitled The Rest Is Her Story. Delivery I includes a very retro-rock and sophisticated selection of black, white, and grey tones bursting with cut & sew options that include stand out essentials like a striped fantasy puff sleeve and bow accented blouse, tent tanks, and a knock out gun holster style shoulder bag we are loving. Take a look at the full collection along with a sneak peak for Bad Girls Never Die– Delivery II.

This Fall 2010 marks the growth of Hellz, with a more experimental venture entitled ‘The Rest Is Her Story,’ a collection that conveys a classic story of vengeance while simultaneously exuding sensuality and ferocity. Drawing inspiration from revenge and exploitation films such as ‘Lady Snowblood’ and ‘Thriller,’ the collection makes use of a dark color palette to embody the mood & feel of both films. Black, white, and texture are prevalent throughout the collection and accentuate the unorthodox but innovative silhouettes with leather, trims and details. Pieces like the ‘Alice,’ a fitted blazer with exaggerated shoulders and back ruffle detail inspired by anti-heroines who display great strength and confidence while maintaining beauty and grace. Another interesting piece from the collection is the ‘Wonderland, ‘ a fine cotton jersey printed tunic with metal hooks and eye trims, that not only demonstrates the boldness and convention of film vixens, but the brand as a whole as well. A subtle color story, intelligent and experimental silhouettes and contrasting metal details culminate in an exhibition of daring feminine sexuality and confidence, truly proving that ‘The Rest Is Her Story.’