We’ve mentioned it before, there is a running theme this fall season in menswear- the return of clean lines and gentleman simplicity. What once seemed to have taken a back seat a number of years to bold designs and prints is now again fashionably appropriate, adding a touch of class for the daily wardrobe. Parisian brand Commune de Paris 1871 releases their Autumn/Winter Collection featuring long sleeve button-down’s with discrete hits of elegance on the cuff and embroidery, as well as an assortment of vintage inspired accessories that one would find in a vintage store hideaway.

Commune de Paris 1871 has launched yet another attack. Uproar and smoke. A collection of menswear, lively classic. Scattered red and blue republican symbols appear on noble fabric of sober colours. A cabinet of curios, packed with objects created by artists federated around the label (Lili Fleury, Munchausen, Adeline Cacheux), who reinvent the cockade, convert flags, coins and historical engravings, take over cannons, barricades, and furious roosters.