This is a keepsake ready and waiting for our closets. We have such fond memories of club Roxy and all the events that took place at the iconic venue. For those that are nostalgic about their NYC culture and music this is the perfect addition to add to your collection or gift for the holiday season. Sedgwick & Cedar, a brand that celebrates innovation, creativity, and pioneers across multiple genres, has just announced its latest release of the t-shirt “Wheels of Steel.” Named from a memorable event in New York City held at the Roxy night club, it marked the first creative interaction between the two emerging cultures Hip Hop and Punk.The design stems from an ongoing Hip Hop party at Club Negril in New York City that then had to move to The Roxy due to its growing size. Kool Lady Blue threw the first Hip Hop party there in June of 1982 beginning a new chapter in the evolution of music culture.

That night headlined a variety of Sedgwick & Cedar founding members including Afrika Bambaataa and featured resident DJs Afrika Islam, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore and GrandMixer DST with MC Melle Mel as master of ceremonies. Throughout its span, the party featured performances by everyone from the Rock Steady Crew, Double Trouble, Cold Crush 4, Fantastic 5, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Lovebug Starsky and hosted artists including Future 2000, ammelzee, LEE and Keith Haring.The turning point for The Roxy occurred when Kool Lady Blue booked a screening of the Sex Pistols’ movie “The Great Rock n Roll Swindle”. The film attracted the punks and new wave heads – a completely different crowd from the usual Friday nights. The film was shown early and most of the crowd stayed after the screening. The Friday night crowd eventually showed for the party and the mixed scene at the Roxy downtown. This night marked the true beginnings of Hip Hop’s growth into other sub-cultures, and is reflected now in this T-Shirt design. Currently available via the Sedgwick & Cedar online shop.

About Sedgwick & Cedar
Based in New York, Sedgwick & Cedar celebrates innovation, creativity, and pioneers across multiple genres of music. The line is inspired by the birthplace of Hip Hop, based off of the first house party held in The Bronx, New York on August 11, 1973. The brand provides clothing that pays homage to the birthplace, the roots, the movement and the icons of different cultures of music. Sedgwick & Cedar’s authenticity is enhanced by its mission to reintroduce the rich history of music and its culture to a modern global audience.