A little gift courtesy of your favorite animated band the Gorillaz. They release there official tour album entitled “The Fall” consisting of 14 tracks ready for you to stream and listen at your leisure. Get it here or take a listen below. Enjoy.

1. PHONER TO ARIZONA- Recorded in Montreal on 3rd October
2. REVOLVING DOORS- Recorded in Boston on 5th October
3. HILLBILLY MAN- Recorded in New Jersey and Virginia on 10th and 11th October
Additional Guitar: Mick Jones
4. DETROIT- Recorded in Detroit on 13th October
5. SHY-TOWN- Recorded in Chicago on 15th October
6. LITTLE PINK PLASTIC BAGS- Recorded in Chicago on 16th October
Additional Keyboards: Jesse Hackett
7. THE JOPLIN SPIDER- Recorded in Joplin on 18th October
Additional conversations with: Darren ‘Smoggy’ Evans
8. THE PARISH OF SPACE DUST- Recorded in Houston on 19th October
9. THE SNAKE IN DALLAS- Recorded in Dallas on 20th October
10. AMARILLO- Recorded in Amarillo on 23rd October
11. THE SPEAK IT MOUNTAINS- Recorded in Denver on 24th October
Stream and forest recorded in Santa Fe on 25th October by Mike Smith
12. ASPEN FOREST- Recorded in Santa Fe on 25th October and in Vancouver on 3rd November
Additional Bass: Paul Simonon/ Additional Qanun: James R Grippo
13. BOBBY IN PHOENIX- Recorded in Phoenix on 26th October Vocals and Guitar: Bobby Womack
14. CALIFORNIA AND THE SLIPPING OF THE SUN- Recorded in Oakland on 30th October