You may want to hold your spring time shopping urges for another month. Hermes has just released the news that they will be hosting their must-attend sample sale which will be held at Soiffer Haskin on March 23rd. Be sure to get up early and prepared to stand on an extremely long line, but once inside you’l be able to treat yourself to a variety of scarves, bags, ties, leather accessories, as well as a selection of Ready To Wear items to snatch up. A full report after the mayhem.

Location: Soiffer Haskin
317 W. 33rd St. (west of 8th Ave.)

Wednesday, March 23rd, 9am-6pm
Thursday, March 24th, 9am-8pm
Friday, March 25th, 9am-6pm
Saturday, March 26th., 9am-6pm
Sunday, March 27th, 1pm-5pm