Introducing the newest member of the Urbanears family. The Bagis is a compact version of the full Urbanears experience. It’s an earplug construction for a direct sound and efficient noise reduction. It features a rubber housing along with a combined fabric and TPE cord to eliminate distortions caused by friction. As a bonus each earpiece snaps together, allowing you to carry them around your neck when not in use. For those of you who like to keep things color coordinated they are available in a rainbow of colors at can be purchased via Urban Outfitters.

The Bagis features:
• One year premium replacement warranty.
• Snap construction. Connect around your neck when not using the Bagis.
• Size adjustable with enclosed S, M and L sleeves.
• 120cm / 47” tangle resistant fabric and TPE cord.
• 3.5mm stereo plug compatible with any music players using 3.5 mm standard.
• Microphone and remote compatible with unprotected 3.5 mm standard such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and more.