There is much enthusiasm regarding the followup to Cosmic Opera Act I that debuted this past February at Hammerstein Ballroom. With mixed fan and press reviews of the initial creative production and story cohesiveness, Act II of Cosmic Opera promises to kick things up a notch for those attending. Dates are scheduled for April 4th and 6th headlined by Fedde Le Grand and supported by Zedd, Felix Cartel, Funkagenda, Matt Goldman, and David Berrie.

Entitled “Imbroglio”, the second segment represents the point in the opera where tensions arise, lovers quarrel, and senses are heightened. Where Act I was the beginning of the adventure, represented by the uplifting and hopeful sounds of Axwell’s brand of house, Act II sees the event evolving into something more strained, to a more hard-hitting electro soundtrack. The conductors for the evening are the DJs who guide us through the night, for as we all know, the story is in the music itself. Fedde Le Grand will lead the way, supported by Zedd, Felix Cartel, Funkagenda, Matt Goldman, and David Berrie.

This time around, the production elements have been heightened to reflect this aura of tension and increased awareness. Everyone will be tinged with steampunk style, while the stage will be extended, the number of performers increased, and the chandelier will have a massive claw grasping at the audience. The 360 degree lazer technology combined with the overall future-apocolyptic design elements will create a thoroughly interactive environment, one where the crowd is fully engaged. The production team is at the core made up of Director of Production John Finen, Creative Director and Lighting Designer Guy Smith, Creative Director and Scenarist Melanie Armer, and Video Designer Robert Montenegro. Each of these people are at the top of their field, bringing visionary and innovative ideas to the multifaceted experience of Act II.