More than 15 years ago Pauline Youngblood began creating lightweight mineral makeup for patients recovering from surgery while she worked as a medical aesthetician to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Today she’s the president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, a full line which includes the deliciously glossy Mighty Shiny Lip Gel.

Unlike many high shine glosses, Youngblood’s lip gel isn’t sticky, and has no petroleum or mineral oil. Key ingredients include jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and momordica grosvenori fruit extract. Combined, these ingredients condition, soften, and nourish lips.

“We worked on the formula until we had a non-sticky application that moisturized and felt great on lips,” says Pauline Youngblood. We’ve tried the gloss so we can verify it isn’t sticky, feels great, and looks great. Furthermore, you don’t end up with that weird film around the lips when you drink liquids directly from the glass.

Mighty Shiny Lip Gel is available in seven lush shades: Bared (sheer soft peach); Confessed (sheer watermelon-red); Displayed (sheer orange-red with gold shimmer); Exposed (sheer grape); Revealed (sheer peach pink with gold shimmer); Stripped (clear with iridescent shimmer); and Unveiled (sheer, shimmery bright pink).

We’re especially fond of the cosmetics line because they’re cruelty free. When was the last time you saw a bunny walking down the street in lip gloss, and eye liner?

Grab your favorite shade of Mighty Shiny Lip Gel in June 2012. Find the gloss on; in New Beauty at Fred Segal in Santa Monica; Henri Bendel in New York City; and at select spas and salons.